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Sep 1, 2023 - Oct 1, 2023

Verbal Communications and Presentation Skills

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Course Outline

ONLINE COURSE | LIVE FROM AUSTRALIA | 5PM to 6:30PM IST Welcome to the " Verbal Communications and Presentation Skills" course! Effective communication skills are vital in both professional and personal spheres. Imagine the confidence and comfort you would feel when communicating with colleagues, bosses, customers, prospects, or clients. This course empowers you to develop the necessary skills to become a proficient communicator. Designed with hyper-efficient methods, this course equips you with all the essential tools to interact confidently with customers, clients, colleagues, and bosses in today's modern workplace. Within just 90 minutes, you will grasp the basics of communication skills, ensuring that you never feel awkward or uncomfortable in professional settings again. Whether you are conducting a meeting on Skype video or delivering a keynote presentation, this course enables you to exude confidence and ease, as if you were conversing with your best friend. It is designed for anyone seeking to communicate confidently and clearly in all business and personal situations. To fully participate in this course, you will need a cell phone, tablet, or computer with a webcam. Additionally, a willingness to practice speaking and communicating via video is crucial for enhancing your verbal communication skills. Embrace this opportunity to become a compelling and influential communicator in every aspect of your life.


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Verbal Communications and Presentation Skills

Verbal Communications and Presentation Skills

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