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Ecoskillarts Studio use creativity to disrupt the purity of the blank space with abstract shapes. We find it the most meaningful inspiration to create bold, bright, daring pieces to add vibrancy to your magical space.

An initiative by Ecoskillarts / Ecoskillarts Studio, certifid by MSME and NSDC to provide education to all . We are working on Rural Development Educational Programme . Ecoskillarts consist of 3 categories to make India Atmanirbhar
Ecoskillarts Studio's Free Library for all the Discipline to help all to gain knowledge ( all the books cataloged in the portal is in digital version i.e. PDF or EPUB to make it affordable and help rural education . Costing per ebook is Rs.11)
Ecoskillarts Studio's Training on Creative courses on all the necessary subjects required in our daily life are available at affordable price. Prices are nominal as compared to the rest of the reputed courses available in the marketplace. 1 to 1 courses are also available. We encourage group conversation and general discussion amongst the participants and the traineer. 
Ecoskillarts Studio / Store available to provide a platform to all to sell their creative / utility products. Artist / students are free to catalogue their products in our portal. Our share is only 10 to 20 % of the fees as service fee. 
 * We are also planning to provide DIY kits to the students at affordable prices to help them to develop their creative skills.

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